What does faith look like? In my forty years of life I have come to find that faith is definitely not a feeling, Certainly not that. Faith is believing without seeing. Faith is moving forward in a tough situation and chosing love anyway. Faith is tears running down your face. Faith is the heart-felt prayer for a loved one. Faith is courage in the lion’s den. Faith is getting on your knees because there is nothing left to do but that. Faith is not a feeling. Faith is an action. Faith is a powerful word to those that feel lost. Faith is a mom that believes for her kid when they can’t.

Grace. Oh grace! Where would we be without precious grace. Grace and faith are best friends. I am sure of it. How much grace I have been shown in my life.  Thank you Lord for your grace.  Where would I be without it?

Dear reader, I want to encourage you today to embrace faith and grace. Gods love is big enough for whatever you are facing. His grace is sufficient for you, his power is made perfect in weakness. (2 Corinthians 12:9).

I recently have had to confront an ugly situation in my life. I did not confront it with love. I confronted it with years and years of confusion and anger. And my eyes have been opened. And in the process I am finding myself. I am walking into my calling. Today, I am choosing faith and grace. I am choosing love over hate. Faith is not a feeling. Faith is putting your best foot forward and trusting that your creator sees and knows your heart. Forgiveness abounds. He has got you. Come and rest. Come and rest. Come and rest.

My prayer is that faith and grace will overflow in your life. That you will begin to live a life of faith. And that as you live a life of faith you allow grace to show up. Because we all need grace. And out of faith and grace love will spill into your life and the lives of others.  In Jesus name.

Photo taken by-Me 🙂 (if you want to know about it just send me a message)